Featured Blogger: Design Playbook

Featured Blogger: Design Playbook

Design PlaybookWe have previously worked with Sanda Stojakovic from Design Playbook. Since her last One Room Challenge project was such a success, she decided to take on another bathroom in her home, once again incorporating Grandeur Hardware. Her new project used the Amber Baguette knob to match the glamorous red details in the bathroom. Learn more about her latest project.

What is your inspiration for participating in the One Room Challenge?

I love participating in the ORC because I like having a deadline to complete a project. The design community is so supportive, which is another motivator. We also had this primary bathroom that was a disaster and really needed to be gutted. Hence, it inspired us to create something more functional.

How do you go about sourcing materials?

I like to establish relationships with reliable vendors to collaborate on current and future projects. When sourcing materials, I always look for unique pieces. I do a ton of research on product options (finishes, textures, dimensions, colors, etc.) and request samples when possible. Based on product quality and my interactions with the company’s representative, I determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Did you run into any logistics/shipping delays/items stock issues?

Yes! The shower doors arrived the day after I took pictures of the bathroom, so we installed them, and I had to retake all the images. I was lucky only the shower doors were delayed because I know many people could not complete their projects due to missing items.

What is your favorite part about doing home updates and renovations?

The creative aspect of it. I love entirely transforming spaces and making them more functional. Playing with patterns, colors, and textures is really fun for me. When updating our home, I love having the creative freedom to go in any direction. When working on client designs, I enjoy getting to know my clients and creatively solving their problems.

What is your least favorite part about doing home updates and renovations?

Waiting for products to arrive. Some items are months out, and it’s like being a kid waiting for Christmas while it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

What is the highlight of this update?

I absolutely love the new layout we created because it makes this bathroom more functional. Before our renovation, we had a single vanity that was a nightmare to share. Due to the lack of storage space, this area was always a magnet for clutter. Getting in and out of the shower required acrobatic skills to avoid brushing your leg against the toilet. Because the overall layout was so awkward, only one person could reasonably maneuver throughout the entire space. With the new format, all these problems were solved. I also love the touches of color we were able to incorporate. The Amber Crystal knobs really shine in this room, and there is something so classic yet unexpected when you see them.

What inspired this room design?

I have wanted to add checkered floor tile in our house because the tile pattern is as classic and elegant as eye-catching and versatile. However, installing this tile in my entryway was not possible because of our open concept layout. Our primary bathroom was the obvious choice of room for this kind of tile, and it really kick-started the design of this space.

Thanks to Sanda for another great partnership! For more project inspiration, please check out her blog: https://mydesignplaybook.com/blog-feed/.

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