Grandeur offers the finest traditional and vintage hardware in N. America. Our products are not only made with the best materials and craftsmanship, they also have the best warranty and customer support. You can be certain that your entire ownership experience with Grandeur will be unparalleled. And, that’s what we call, “Luxury for Life”.

We have many Authorized Showrooms and Ecommerce Dealers. And, you may contact us to purchase small parts for our locksets.

All products will be assembled for your order by our experienced, long-term personnel. Normal order turn-around time is 3-5 days, once we receive the order from our Dealer. Our fill-rate averages over 99%!

Our factory is located in Denver, Colorado.

Forging costs more, but it produces stronger locksets without defects, and with better detail. See the forging section on this site for the interesting details.

A passage function (tubular latch) is used on a closet or hallway door and does not lock. A privacy (tubular latch) is a good door set to use on a bedroom, bathroom or any other interior door you are wanting to lock. A dummy knob does not turn and does not function as a working lock. A dummy function is typically used on doors with some other device which holds the door closed.

Handing of doors is critical when selecting Entry Sets with Levers, Rosettes with Levers, Single Dummy with a Lever, Split Finish or Split Design combinations. Handing of doors is NOT REQUIRED for Standard Passage, Privacy, or Dummy functions.

Handing for door sets is determined by standing on the OUTSIDE FACING THE DOOR.
*Outside of a door refers to the side of the door that faces away from the room.



Please reference our Door Handing Guide for more information.

Our vintage designs were adapted from original styles circa 1900. They are extremely faithful to the original designs. In many cases, Grandeur offers significantly better quality than the originals.

Absolutely! If your door is already prepped for locks, you will only need a phillips screwdriver.

The higher the lead content, the better the clarity. Our Grandeur crystal knobs are all 24%.

Yes! Our high-grade brass can be recycled ad-infinitum. Even the brass shavings created during manufacturing are collected and recycled into new brass.

There are a broad range of designs in our catalog, and you can mix/match any knob/lever style with any of our other knob/lever styles. Use our exclusive Hardware Designer to create your own unique combination.

Certainly. You just need to specify which finishes, and which side of the door they are on.

Yes. But, you will need to order a thick door kit with the rest of you Grandeur locks.

Living finishes are designed to age and develop a beautiful patina over time. If you don’t want the finish to change, you should not order a lockset with a living finish. At this time, Grandeur is not available in any living finishes—our customers prefer the durability of our baked-on clear coating.

No. Adjustable latches are not as durable as non-adjustable latches. When you order, you will need to specify if you need 2-3/8” or 2-3/4″ backset latches.

No. But you should mention “keyed alike” when placing an order through an Authorized Showroom or Authorized Ecommerce Dealer.

Yes. Grandeur’s new Baguette crystal knobs (available Summer 2016) will be available in amber.