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Patti Roberts Gets an Entry Upgrade

Patti Roberts Gets an Entry Upgrade

We recently partnered with Patti Roberts, the creative force behind Patti Roberts Design Co., to update the hardware on her front door and entry closet. Our latest blog provides a glance into the entry of her home and gives us more details about her inspiring story. Join us as we uncover Patti’s unique vintage-modern style, glean practical renovation tips, and catch a glimpse of her exciting plans for her growing business.

patti roberts design grandeur hardware brass entry set on a black front door of a luxury home
patti roberts design grandeur hardware brass entry set on a black front door of a luxury home

Patti Roberts started her business, Patti Roberts Design Co. in 2020 during the peak of the Covid pandemic. While at home with her 1 and 3-year-old, she was encouraged by her sister-in-law and neighbors to offer budget-friendly virtual design services. She began by creating mood boards for people and linking products through LikeToKnowIt and ended up working with over 50 clients virtually the first year. Her family then moved into a temporary rental, and Patti gained an Instagram following by sharing her creative ways of making the rental feel like home on a budget. When her youngest was diagnosed with Autism, she decided to put the business on hold to focus on her family. After purchasing a new house that needed work, she prioritized making it a home and giving her son the attention he needed. She now shares her home renovation journey on Instagram, focusing on budget-friendly updates and practical ideas for families with young kids and pets.

Taking on her own home, which was only five years old but had a builder-grade feel, she gradually transformed each room to give it a cozy craftsman cottage vibe. The most challenging rooms to renovate were the kitchen and primary bathroom, where she tackled projects such as painting cabinets, replacing countertops, and designing a budget-friendly bathroom remodel. Because she is drawn to older homes, she has been adding vintage pieces here and there, adding shiplap and beadboard, and changing all the light fixtures and door knobs to ones that feel more “antique.”

patti roberts design grandeur hardware brass door hardware on a black french closet door of a luxury home
patti roberts design grandeur hardware brass entry set on a black front door of a luxury home with a smart lock

When asked what led her to choose Grandeur Hardware, Patti said, “The second I saw these knobs, I knew they were meant to be. They have that vintage look like they came off of doors in an old craftsman home.” She put one on the pantry immediately to make that door feel “special” and has been slowly changing all the door knobs in the house, switching them in order of which ones she sees the most. She also updated the hardware for the entry and closet doors because those are what guests see when they first enter the home. Pattie told us, “I'm obsessed with the hardware and can’t wait to change all of my metal builder-grade knobs to these beautiful vintage brass plates.” A beneficial tip she learned while installing the hardware was to make sure you don’t close the door as you’re changing the door knob “because you’ll lock yourself in the room! I learned that the hard way!”

Patti’s style is vintage-modern. She loves vintage and antique pieces—anything with a story— but appreciates more modern, clean lines. She usually tries to choose pieces that look old, such as vintage brass and aged wood, but with smooth lines and nothing too ornate. Amber Lewis Interiors is her biggest inspiration, and Instagram is where she finds ideas; she loves seeing how others incorporate new and old. When starting a project, Patti typically saves photos of furniture, decor, and paint colors she likes and makes a mood board in Canva.

patti roberts design grandeur hardware brass entry set on a black front door of a luxury home
patti roberts design grandeur hardware brass entry set on a black front door of a luxury home

For those who wish to take on a large remodel project, Patti suggests ensuring you have researched as much as possible about a remodel before the work begins. Even though she used a contractor for a bathroom, she knew exactly what needed to be done so she could keep checking in to make sure things were done right. Patti wants readers to know that home renovation takes time, and it’s expensive to change everything at once. Her tip is to start on spaces you live in the most and are the least expensive to transform, such as your living room, primary bedroom, powder room, etc. Then, slowly work toward less-used rooms or rooms that take much more work and money.

Patti still has quite a few rooms in this house that she would like to work on, including the guest bathroom, kids' bathroom, and closets. While she is not currently working on any other projects besides her home, that may change in the fall as both of her kids will be in school full-time, and she can contribute more time to her business.

Thank you, Patti, for a lovely partnership!

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