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See the Impact Made with Glam Crystal Knobs

See the Impact Made with Glam Crystal Knobs

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Liz The Quick Journey
The Quick Journey Logo

Liz Quick, author of The Quick Journey blog, needed a simple update in her home, so she decided to upgrade her door hardware. The Grandeur Hardware she chose proves that simple changes can make a big impact. Read on to learn more about the project and her blog.

crystal door hardware
Crystal door hardware

Liz has an eclectic design style. She has always been a minimalist, believing a few special pieces can carry the design of a room. She also likes to incorporate a good antique in a room full of simple lines to bring warmth and history to a space. She finds her inspiration from Pinterest (she was one of the first people on the platform) and from other bloggers and their Instagram pages. She follows a select handful of inspiring people and uses bits from each of their design portfolios to find her personal aesthetic. Some of her favorite resources are Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, Grit and Polish, and Emily Henderson.

Liz started her blog, The Quick Journey, years ago when she was a young, stay-at-home mom and needed an outlet for creativity. Home has always been a special place for her, so she began sharing simple life things on her blog- mom life, food, home design, fashion, etc. She then started engaging in those same topics through her Instagram account, and things took off from there. One thing that sets her blog and Instagram apart from the crowd is the peaceful way she shares her family’s daily life- she hopes people leave filled up.

crystal door knobs

Liz starts her projects by collaborating with her husband to bounce ideas off each other. While her projects usually aren’t too big, they almost always require his help to execute. They moved into their current home in the fall of 2017. Because the house is 20 years old, it boasts a lot of 90’s flare, which Liz and her husband immediately began to update to their own style. When they first stepped foot into the house, they knew it had amazing bones but lacked charm and character. The gold, brassy hardware was one of the first things they wanted to change.

However, finding good quality, antique looking hardware was more difficult than they had anticipated. Liz searched for a year before stumbling upon Grandeur Hardware via a friend’s Instagram post. When she saw the doorknobs that fit her house, she knew she had to have them. Liz appreciates the variety of options Grandeur has, as well as the solid product quality and great customer service.

crystal door hardware
Crystal door hardware

When the knobs arrived, Liz instantly ripped through the packaging to see the product for herself. She was happily stunned with the knobs. The house’s previous knobs functioned just fine but didn’t quite match the traditional style they wanted to incorporate in their home. Once the old hardware was removed and updated with the new, the house immediately felt different. Small changes can have a huge impact!

Liz found the hardware’s installation instructions very clear and was able to switch the knobs out herself. She does recommend making sure the screws used to attach the knobs are the correct length. The kits come with two different lengths of screws, so be sure to use the length that matches your doors. Over time, Liz and her husband will continue to replace the rest of the knobs in the house. The instant change provided by updating the knobs was incredible and they’d love the rest of their home to have the same feel.

As far as tips for readers who want to make a transformation in their home, Liz suggests starting by making a list and looking at your budget. She says three of the most impactful things that can transform a space are lighting, paint, and hardware. Most of the time, those things can be done over time and do not cost a bundle.

Thanks again to Liz and The Quick Journey for sharing this great story!

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