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Top Luxury Interior Design Trends of 2023

Top Luxury Interior Design Trends of 2023

2023 has a lot in store for interior design trends. This year the focus is on more timeless, classic designs with a personal twist.

We’ve researched the trends and have picked out a few of our favorite trends for 2023. Below you will find what we’re excited to see in interior design this year.

The Luxe Look

Throughout 2023 you will see the rise of luxurious design trends. That doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, but a more refined and sophisticated style.

This trend isn’t the traditional glam and glitz you would expect with luxe style. It’s about high-quality pieces that are timeless and speak to your personal style. You’ll see this warmly layered in homes with unique lighting, beautiful rugs, plush pillows, and sofas.

The focus of this trend is on quality, much like our hardware. Each step in our process has been designed and refined to provide the best quality. We forge from solid brass to minimize defects. We hand-polish and hand-finish every piece to ensure that a piece made today will match those we made years ago.

Bold Colors

The last few years have seen an array of warm neutral colors in interior design. The return of color to a neutral landscape will pave the way for beautiful designs.

Jewel tones, like deep emerald greens or ruby reds, will likely dominate trends in 2023. Consider incorporating this trend into your home with bedding, velvet curtains, or new bold furniture pieces. The addition of color to your home is sure to make a splash.

A unique approach to this color trend could be through door hardware. Our Baguette Crystal Knob comes in a stunning Amber color that is sure to be bold in any room. To add deep contrast, consider our Baguette Black Crystal Knob. The bold black is a show-stopper.

Mixed Metal Finishes

Mixing finishes is a simple way to add a contemporary design style to any home. In 2023, expect to see more designers experimenting with mixed finishes.

The trend of mixing finishes has expanded across the home — no longer just used in kitchens or bathrooms. You will see mixed finishes in door hardware, lighting, and hinges throughout the house.

Our hardware comes in nine different finishes. If you are fearful of mixing finishes, try mixing just brass finishes. We have four different brass finishes, from Satin Brass to Polished Brass. Mixing finishes has never been so easy.

Making Your Home a Retreat

Ever since the pandemic, people have started to treat their homes like sanctuaries. This trend falls in line with luxe living. People want to make their homes feel like a retreat.

Recreate your favorite vacation spot, and whether that’s a luxurious hotel or a cabin in the woods, the goal is to invoke a calm atmosphere. When updating your home in 2023, think about ambient lighting, indoor and outdoor spaces, and tranquility.

Our hardware is designed to complement any space. Grandeur’s beauty is complemented by unmatched functionality. The easy and quick installation makes restoration or new construction efficient and exact. Solid brass knobs provide that “bank vault” feel missing in much of today’s hardware. Smooth, yet sturdy mechanics, achieved through demanding production tolerances, ensure silk-like operation. Quality hardware that works beautifully makes your home feel like a luxurious hotel.

Use 2023 Design Trends in Your Home

Update your home with 2023 Interior Design Trends. This year is about making your home feel more like your personal style with high-quality pieces.

For simple luxurious upgrades, consider changing your door hardware. Our quality pieces add luxury to any home.

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