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2024 Promises a Refreshing Shift in Home Décor

2024 Promises a Refreshing Shift in Home Décor

Though it's still early in 2024, the home decor industry is already buzzing with predicted trends. With shifting consumer preferences, and technological advancements, the world of interior design is constantly evolving. In line with this evolution, experts predict that mixing historical eras, jewel tones (including amber), wallpaper, and spa-like bathrooms will be among the top trends in home decor in 2024. Let's dive into each of these trends to see how they will shape the look and feel of our living spaces.
White door opening into a living space with a hanging chair in the background. The door has a Fifth Avenue Long Plate with Fifth Avenue Knob in Vintage Brass door knob.
White door with a Soleil Rosette with Soleil Knob in Satin Nickel closed with a white side table next to it.

A Mix of Historical Eras

In 2024, the design rulebook is tossed aside as homes embrace a playful mix of eras. No longer confined to one style, interiors become time capsules where vintage finds dance alongside modern marvels.

"My furniture has always been a mix of eras. I've paired a Scandinavian-style light wood bedframe with a metal nightstand and a midcentury modern couch with an Art Deco-inspired coffee table. The result? A place that feels wholly my own." —Caroline Utz, Editorial & Strategy Director,The Spruce.

In the mood for a bit of historic eras mix-and-match? Grandeur's style collections run the gamut from 1820s Neoclassical to 2020s Transitional. If you're a fan of Victoriana, the Grande Victorian Collection offers ornate brass escutcheons with your choice of brass, porcelain, and crystal knobs. The Windsor Collection features the classic egg & dart pattern ubiquitous in Neoclassical design. Another ornate period style can be found in the Parthenon Collection, with details and relief echoing the Greek Revival movement, which began in the mid-1800s.

By contrast, the Soleil Collection offers a dynamic transitional style with its signature corona of vivid lines emanating like the sun. The crisply tailored look of the Fifth Avenue Collection has a universal appeal and is offered as both long and short plates and a square rosette.

Unearthing Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are set to dominate the interior decor scene, infusing spaces with luxurious and vibrant hues. Deep emerald greens, rich sapphire blues, regal amethyst purples, and opulent ruby reds will take center stage, bringing a sense of sophistication and drama to homes.

"People are rediscovering color in their homes, which is a welcome shift from the all-neutral palette we've seen for several years, and jewel tones are at the forefront of that shift," says Rob Natale, chief of design at the high-end furniture maker Sixpenny. "It's a perfect way to incorporate richness, whether as an accent or as the centerpiece for a space, since they create such a strong counterpoint to almost any look."

Sixpenny includes a trio of jewel tones in their upholstery palette: Amber Coast, Emerald City and Star Sapphire.

Holly Hunt, the industry powerhouse behind boutique interior design studio House of Hunt, echoes Natale's intriguing inclusion of amber as a jewel tone, calling it "a stunning and versatile shade."

With its warm and golden undertones, amber is a coveted jewel tone in home decor, known for adding elegance and coziness to interiors through its rich, honeyed hues. Grandeur Hardware's Baguette Amber Crystal Knob fits this motif perfectly.

Bathrooms: A Spa-Like Retreat

Modern bathroom with mint green accent wall. There is a vanity with one sink, a large standalone bathtub and a wooden bench.

In 2024, the spa-like bathroom trend is set to dominate home design, according to the latest insights from the National Kitchen & Bath Association in their annual NKBA Bath Trend Report. The report highlights a surge in tech-driven features, such as remotely-controlled steam showers, allowing homeowners to create a personalized and luxurious spa experience at the touch of a button. Another notable shift is the integration of seating inside showers, promoting relaxation and comfort during daily rituals. Additionally, the trend signals a departure from traditional bathtubs, with larger, more indulgent showers taking center stage in bathroom designs. Some enthusiasts are even embracing a complete redesign of home layouts to make space for more expansive and opulent bathrooms, reflecting a growing emphasis on self-care and wellness in residential spaces.

Wallpaper Renaissance

Door opening into a blue themed bathroom with blue flowered wallpaper.

2024 is the year to embrace a wallpaper renaissance! Forget limitations – today's wallpapers cater to every whim, from energizing stripes to swoon-worthy florals. Modern watercolors offer a fresh touch, while timeless damask textures exude effortless elegance. This trend extends beyond homeowners; removable wallpaper options empower renters to express creativity without fretting over security deposits. Feeling particularly daring? Spoonflower allows you to craft your own masterpiece, turning your wildest artistic visions into a unique wall covering. Be warned, though: browsing their curated designs or uploading your creations can be highly addictive.

In conclusion, 2024 promises a refreshing shift in home decor, blending the old with the new and infusing our spaces with rich colors, textural patterns, and a focus on well-being. From time-traveling through furniture styles to embracing opulence with jewel tones, adorning walls with vibrant wallpapers, and creating sanctuary-like bathrooms, these trends offer exciting possibilities to personalize and elevate our living environments.

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