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Spring Spruce-Up: Envision the Possibilities

Spring Spruce-Up: Envision the Possibilities

As the blossoms of spring signal a season of renewal, what better way to embrace the vibrant energy than by embarking on a transformative "Spring Spruce-up" for your home? The journey begins with the essential trio of decluttering, organizing, and cleaning. This process may seem overwhelming initially, but it promises an unparalleled payoff through a revitalized living space. Delve into our guide as we explore three top decluttering methods, leading you through paring down possessions to create a serene and clutter-free environment. Once the canvas is clear, envision the possibilities – perhaps newly painted or wallpapered walls, a door adorned with a fresh pop of color, or the timeless upgrade of interior and exterior doors with new hardware. Each step in this rejuvenating process aims to bring lasting joy and a renewed sense of vitality to your home.

Cutting Through the Clutter: 3 Helpful Methods

Declutter, Organize and Clean next to a basket of folded sheets.

Decluttering, organizing, and cleaning might seem like an overwhelming first step, but tackling these tasks gives you room to breathe, creates a sense of accomplishment, and ultimately sets the stage for your spring transformation. Need a decluttering method? There are plenty out there, each with its pros and cons. Here, we'll focus on three notable methods.

  1. The KonMari method developed by Marie Kondo approaches decluttering categorically by type of item. Once you note the number of items you have in each category, it's easier to register where your saturation point is, allowing you to see the bigger picture. Then you ask yourself, "Does it spark joy" in your life? If the answer is "no," it's time to thank that item and say goodbye.
  2. Swedish Death Cleaning, a.k.a. döstädning, was introduced by Margareta Magnusson in her 2017 book The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. What we leave behind for loved ones to manage after we die is at the core of this concept. Rather than waiting to engage in the method during our sunset years, Swedish Death Cleaning is relevant at any age and can be implemented routinely for an allotted time. Margareta gave some thoughts and tips on the methods in an article in Psychology Today.
  3. Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are the forces of nature behind The Home Edit, a full-service home-organizing business popularized by the Netflix series Get Organized with the Home Edit in 2020. Their philosophy is to pare down your belongings room by room, organize them by function and color, and put them in appropriate containers with fun labels. Their method encourages creating a system you'll love so much you'll want to maintain it so you won't need to do it again in six months. Visit The Home Edit and learn to organize in style.

Let’s Clean House

With chaos cleared away, you can complete a classic Spring cleaning. Better Homes and Gardens has a thorough 17-Step Spring Cleaning Checklist that addresses the entire home, inside and out.

If you don't have the time to conduct a spring cleaning yourself but do have the resources to hire a professional, has a terrific guide to help you find the right service to suit the scope of your cleaning needs.

To Paint or Not to Paint?

Once the cleaning is complete, take the next step of actually clearing away surfaces of countertops, tables, shelves and even the fireplace mantle. You'll have a clean canvas that will free you to visualize where to add personal design touches. You may even be inspired to add a fresh coat of paint or a botanical print wallpaper. Choosing to do an entire room or just an accent wall is up to you.

"I was reading a few articles from some big magazines that were suggesting to 'wallpaper a room, repaint a space, switch out furniture' but can we really do that? Do we even want to?" muses Jill Rinner of Bungalow 47.

She goes on to explain, "Spring decor can be as easy as a new wreath on the front door or a pretty floral centerpiece on the dining room table. Whatever way or more creative ways make you feel good about the season, then do more of that."

Why not Paint the Doors?

If painting or wallpapering an entire room is out, why not paint an interior or exterior door? A door with a contrasting color inside a room can add interest or a needed focal point. The same is true for the front door of a home. Just be sure to choose the right paint and have the proper tools and materials to do the job. Door manufacturer Jeld-Wen gives tips on painting interior doors step-by-step. For exterior doors, Behr Paint has this guide.

A grid of exterior doors painted in different colors on different houses.
Pink interior door with a Fifth Avenue Short Plate with Soleil Knob in Vintage Brass on it.

Upgrades to Last a Lifetime

Whether or not you plan to paint your doors, upgrading the hardware for them is worthwhile. Spring has sprung in this bedroom with a soft pink door and beautiful wallpaper. The Fifth Avenue Short Plate with Soleil Knob in Vintage Brass adds personality to the theme of renewal, with the repeating lines of the Soleil style knob emanating like the rays of the sun.

The French doors of this airy kitchen are painted a soft sage green that draws the eye forward. The Fifth Avenue Tall Plates Entry Set with Fifth Avenue Knob in Timeless Bronze lends a punch of contrasting color.

White kitchen with bar stools in front and french doors leading to the back yard in the background. The doors have Grandeur Fifth Avenue Knob in Timeless Bronze on them.
Black front door with Grandeur Fifth Avenue One-Piece Handleset with D Grip in Vintage Brass on it.

The front door of this home gets a bold upgrade with black paint, accompanied by the clean lines of the Fifth Avenue One-Piece Handleset with D Grip in Vintage Brass. A minimalist brass hoop interwoven with laurel leaves adorns it as a subtle nod to the arrival of Spring.

Undertaking a "Spring Spruce-up" for your home through the transformative steps of decluttering, organizing, and cleaning promises enduring rewards. Selecting your favorite decor elements to welcome the season adds a personal touch, whether you opt for traditional accents or embrace a more contemporary aesthetic. Whether it's the revitalizing effect of painting or wallpapering walls or the subtle yet impactful change of painting a door, the newness resonates with the season's spirit. Above all, upgrading interior and exterior doors with new hardware stands out as a timeless and worthwhile change, ensuring that delight and sophistication echo through your home season after season, bringing a sense of joy and freshness that lasts.

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