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Home on Elle Avenue's Ornate Hardware Intricacies

Home on Elle Avenue's Ornate Hardware Intricacies

Home on Elle Avenue Xiong

Elle and her husband moved into a newly built home in the Fall of 2021. Since then, they have added small details to make the builder-grade home feel more custom. One of these projects included installing luxurious brass and crystal door hardware to their doors, showcased on Elle's Instagram page, Home on Elle Avenue. See more in our latest blog and learn what else she has planned for the home.

Please give us some more details on Home on Elle Avenue. How did you develop it, and what sets it apart?

While Home on Elle Avenue started a year ago as a creative outlet for me to share my home décor, my passion for home décor and DIY home projects stemmed from my childhood, where I witnessed and experienced the love my parents both had for home décor and DIY home projects. Home on Elle Avenue is different from the rest because I do my best to foster a platform where I can be transparent about making mistakes while allowing myself to grow, learn, and strengthen my skill sets. I hope this transparency inspires and encourages others to pursue their passions wholeheartedly!

black doors brass crystal door grandeur hardware doorknob knob luxury
black doors brass crystal door grandeur hardware doorknob knob luxury

What led you to Grandeur Hardware?

My home décor style is a mix of modern traditional, and transitional, ultimately guiding me in choosing the hardware featured in this project. I recently painted my doors black and felt that glass or crystal door knobs with brass or gold plating would look fantastic. The short plate style door knobs I saw while browsing Instagram drew me to Grandeur Hardware. When I realized Grandeur Hardware offered solid brass, short-plated, crystal door knobs with multiple finishes, I knew they could take my doors to the next level! The ribbed glass adds perfect detail and dimension, bringing a lovely textural element to the doors.

How long did this project take to complete?

Since my doors are builder-grade, I had to modify them (and pick up some tools) before installing the door knobs. All in all, this project took me roughly a week to complete. Had I had all the tools and experience, this project could have efficiently been completed in a day or so.

Will you use this hardware again in other projects/areas of your home?

Absolutely! Grandeur Hardware really sets the tone in terms of quality and aesthetics. I love that the hardware is solid brass; there is such a great weight to them and the overall look of the pieces. I can tell they are incredibly well-made. They really make my doors look and feel so custom and high-end!

Did you learn any tips and tricks about door hardware that would benefit others?

The most important thing I learned (sounds silly, but I'd never changed a doorknob before this) is double-checking the backset size! I didn't realize until later, but my old hardware had the backset size engraved into the latch. So, double-check the latch if you are unsure of your size or are not confident in measuring it.

black doors brass crystal door grandeur hardware doorknob knob luxury

How do you incorporate your style within your home?

I like experimenting with and studying different textures and patterns, finding how they fit together. This is the best way to create a cohesive and cozy home.

When starting a project, how do you organize and plan for it?

The easiest way for me to organize and plan a project is to break it up into parts. Here's an example: 1. Buy/gather supplies, 2. Assemble/put the project together, 3. Work on the small details of the project, 4. Review work and add finishing touches.

What are some tips for readers who wish to make a transformation in their home?

My tip is to simply start. Start experimenting, don't be afraid to try new things, and trust yourself! Your heart will eventually train your eyes to recognize what looks good together, and your personal style will develop with practice and time.

Are you working on any other properties or projects besides your own home?

My parents recently moved into a new home, so besides my own home, I am helping them decorate and DIY theirs.

What is next?

I'd love to work on my laundry room, foyer, and mudroom!

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