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The Lived-In Look is the passion project of Martina Gieske, a designer who wants her audience to feel they can have a beautiful home even with a family and all the mess that comes with it. Her doors received a massive upgrade when she installed Grandeur Hardware sets from the Fifth Avenue Collection.
Our latest partner, Christine, recently built a new home filled with her self-described "traditional, transitional" style. She decided Grandeur Hardware would fit the aesthetic perfectly. Read on to learn more about Christine and see more of her lovely new home.
Laurie Anne Gonzalez is an artist who primarily paints beautiful landscapes. Part of a recent renovation included adding Grandeur Hardware throughout the home, which Laurie Anne says brought her true joy. 
Sanda Stojakovic from Design Playbook’s latest One Room Challenge project is a stunning bathroom makeover that incorporates the Arc short plate and Amber Baguette knob.
Brittany Martin runs the Instagram channel, Crooked Little House. She and her husband recently built a brand new, amazing home and used a Grandeur Carre One-Piece Handleset to make a statement on their front door.
Kristena Watson's family love with Greenville, South Carolina, where they renovated a beautiful home with finishing touches including Grandeur Hardware. Read on to learn more about Kristena and her inspiring home renovation.
Jennita and her husband Seth installed Grandeur Hardware handlesets on their latest home’s beautiful entry door. Learn more about what inspires Jennita for their current home renovations.
Bri Beaudoin of Evergreen Kitchen recently remodeled her home and included Grandeur Hardware on the exterior doors to enhance the transitional look while keeping with the house’s historical aspects.
Blogger Joanna Hawley-McBride installed Grandeur products in her latest home renovation. Her blog, Jojotastic, is an excellent resource for those interested in interior styling and exploring nature. Read on to learn more about Joanna and her unfiltered style. 
Warda Tahir redid a bathroom in her home and used Grandeur Door Hardware to add luxurious detail. Read on to learn more about Warda and her style.
Sanda Stojakovic’s interiors feature glamorous textures and details that excite the eye and invite you to take it all in. This project incorporated the Crystal Baguette knob into its fancy design scheme to add glam and luxury. 
Mehr Niazi recently added Grandeur Hardware to her home and chose the unique Amber Baguette to perfectly fit her style. Read on to learn more about Mehr and her Instagram channel, Blue Orchid Living.