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Make an Entrance with Our Cultivated Home

Make an Entrance with Our Cultivated Home

jennita seth wagner our cultivated home

Jennita and her husband Seth installed Grandeur Hardware handlesets on their latest home’s beautiful entry door. As newlyweds, they tackled their first fixer-upper house and took it as a challenge to get creative. After documenting it all on Instagram, Jennita turned her passion for homemaking and interior decor into a side hustle, and @Our.Cultivated.Home was born. Learn more about what inspires Jennita for their current home renovations.

Please give us some more details on Our Cultivated Home. How did you develop it, and what sets it apart from the rest?

Our Cultivated Home grew from a love of creating beauty and a passion for making our little fixer-upper into a home. I revel in the challenge of making the unattractive into something more attractive! I discovered simple things can make a significant difference: a little paint or wood polish, the arrangement of books and items, that using what you have to its best advantage matters.

Did you do a remodel on your entire home? If so, were there specific rooms that were more challenging than others? Why?

We did update our entire first house before selling it, and we now own a much larger fixer-upper. The things we learned in fixing up our first home gave us the confidence to tackle a more extensive project! The most challenging project in our current home will be our kitchen. It will stop just short of being gutted. Learning drywall wall repair was one of the greatest challenges in our last home. It takes a bit of skill.

tall plate entry set interior timeless bronze arc grandeur hardware
one piece handleset entry set timeless bronze arc grandeur hardware

How did you choose the hardware featured in this project? What attracted you to Grandeur Hardware?

A new front door for this house was essential! Rather than a builder-grade door from the local home improvement store, we decided to invest in a solid wood door from a manufacturing outlet. We saved money by staining and finishing it ourselves. I’ve always felt a front door creates a first impression, and I wanted ours to be simple, elegant, and welcoming. The glass in it will allow plenty of cozy, indoor glow to spill out, and the beautiful, rich-toned wood is understated elegance. We wanted the hardware to compliment the beauty of the door, and Grandeur Hardware’s quality entry sets were the perfect combination. We went with the Arc One-Piece Handleset with a Tall Plate interior and a Bellagio lever. I call it door jewelry!

I would absolutely love to use Grandeur Hardware in other areas of our home. I love the quality, and I’ve been very impressed with the wide variety of options and the incredible customer service!

Did you learn any tips and tricks about door hardware along the way that you think would be beneficial for others?

Installation was very straightforward; just follow the instructions. My biggest tip is to double-check the handing before ordering. If you’re new at that like I was, it’s easy to make a mistake. Grandeur Hardware was very helpful with that.

What is your design style, and how do you incorporate those decorating decisions within your home?

I think my style is mostly Modern Classic, but it’s also been called Transitional and Traditional. Because I decorate from instinct, my home is a mix of the things I love. I make decisions based on what I am drawn to, trust my instincts, and consider whether I think I will love it long-term. I’ve learned that trends come and go, and in the end, you still need to love it. It’s important to be true to yourself and what works for your home and family.

When starting a project, how do you organize and plan for it?

I like to create mood boards or vision boards. I often make a Pinterest board for that specific room and pin various items to visualize the completed project. I save the paint color, the flooring sample, the rug, the accent pillows and pieces, the art. And I watch for sales and price-shop some of the items before I start. Or look for thrifted items that fit my aesthetic. It gives me a clear visual of my goal and helps me remain cohesive and stay on point.

one piece handleset entry set timeless bronze arc grandeur hardware
tall plate interior entry set timeless bronze arc grandeur hardware

Many people want to take on large remodeling projects. How do you go about choosing a house to buy and renovate?

We took into account several things in choosing a home to renovate: location, foundation, how much of the repair is cosmetic rather than reconstructive, the changes we would want to make, and what our budget would allow. Location can significantly affect the cost of utilities, internet access, and building/remodeling permits.

We prefer a concrete foundation to a crawlspace foundation for heating/cooling purposes, no rotting/sagging floors/settling walls, and less chance of freezing pipes. But when going with a slab concrete foundation, it’s essential to make sure there are no cracks in the floor or interior/exterior walls, indicating a cracked foundation. This could mean broken pipes which can be expensive to fix. So long as there are no signs of cracking, slab foundation means basically no maintenance. A brick exterior is ideal as well, but not necessary. Look for mold, termites, water damage, and sagging roof lines. These things can all be fixed, but your budget and the price of the house must decide your commitment.

It’s important to know what updates and changes you want to make and have a ballpark estimate of what they would cost. You also need to decide whether you are doing the work yourself or hiring it out. It will always cost more than estimated either way but learning how to do things properly yourself can save a great deal of money. Be brave and try new things, research them and watch YouTube videos. Many things are easier than you would imagine, and the knowledge you gain is invaluable!

What are some tips for readers who wish to make a transformation to their entryway?

Just because you can’t do a major renovation on it doesn’t mean you can’t update it. Small things can make a difference; if your budget is limited, choose the items that will add the most impact. Maybe it’s paint for the door, walls, or a stenciled floor. Perhaps it is new hardware for the door, updated lighting, or a new rug. Get creative and make it what you like until you can make it what you love. Either way, find inspiration and have a clear idea of your goals!

What is next for you and your renovations/business?

We own a hilltop home with 15.5 acres. Besides remodeling the house, we hope to have chickens, bees, a garden, and a berry patch on our land. Our goal is to be more self-sustaining by growing and preserving our own food, raising our meat, and gathering our own honey. We have dreams of a stocked pond and beautiful landscaping. The projects are endless.

As for my business, I’m always looking for opportunities. The sky is the limit, but my goal is ultimately to keep and nurture my own home and family. Everything else must revolve around that. I’m so excited to see what the future brings, and I love that Grandeur Hardware is a part of making our home!

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