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Black Porcelain Knobs for a Lavish Bathroom

Black Porcelain Knobs for a Lavish Bathroom

Warda Tahir An Appetite for Design Blogger

Warda Tahir is the talent behind the @anappetitefordesign Instagram account, where viewers can see her beautifully unique design style inspired by her personality. As a part of the Fall One Room Challenge, she redid a bathroom in her home and used Grandeur Door Hardware to add luxurious detail. Read on to learn more about Warda and her style.

brass door hardware black porcelain knob luxury bathroom
brass door hardware black porcelain knob luxury bathroom

Please tell us more about your recent One Room Challenge project.

The Fall One Room Challenge was my first time participating. It’s a great platform for designers and home bloggers like me. It provides excellent exposure and pushes you to finish a project in a specific time frame. It also encourages you to have a design plan before you start, which helps during design or remodel projects.

What is your design style, and how do you incorporate those decorating decisions within your home?

I would describe my design style as eclectic. I like classical elements mixed in with modern, vintage, and a little bit of glam. My home reflects my personality, so I incorporate unique things that tell a story. Decorative moldings, colorful vintage rugs, accent walls, unique décor pieces, and thrift store items all find their way into my home. They are incorporated with contemporary furnishings to get the perfect look.

Where do you find design inspiration?

My mom has been my design inspiration. She had a unique design sense, and I watched her decorate the various homes we lived in since we moved a lot. My father has excellent taste and used to bring back pieces from his work travels, ranging from rugs and furniture to collectibles and décor. My mom was then the one who decorated the spaces with those items, so I think I get my knack for design from both of my parents.

brass door hardware black porcelain knob luxury bathroom

When starting a design project, how do you organize and plan for it?

Design boards are best for organizing a design plan. I usually start with one item, which could be a rug or a wallpaper, and then add things that caught my eye and work with what I have in mind.

During your current remodel, were there specific rooms that were more challenging than others?

I have remodeled the kitchen and master bath in my current home. So far, the kitchen was most challenging because we completely changed the layout of the room and had to remove a few walls to make it work.

What led you to feature Grandeur Hardware in this project?

I chose Grandeur Hardware because of the product quality, elegant finishes offered, and the many options for the backplate and knob. I wanted hardware that is traditional in design while complementing the other colors in the project. I chose the Arc short plate in the antique brass finish because its beautiful curves mimicked the curves of the mirrors and faucets I used. The Coventry knob worked perfectly with the black accents in the room.

brass door hardware black porcelain knob luxury bathroom
brass door hardware black porcelain knob luxury bathroom

Did you learn any tips and tricks about door hardware along the way you think would benefit others?

When it comes to door hardware, the most important thing to know is which function you need (passage, privacy, dummy, etc.). Once you have that down, the finish is the next big decision – it should match the other hardware and fixture finishes in your home. I like to mix two finishes, so in my home, the light fixtures are antique brass or black, and all the hinges, door stoppers, etc., are black. The door hardware should also accent the color of the door. If your door is black, black hardware will blend in too much on it.

What are some recommendations for readers who want to do an extensive remodel project in their home?

The spaces that make the most impact are the kitchen and bathrooms. If you want to do large remodels, you should start with those areas. Curb appeal is also essential, as well as having a nice outdoor space. For the rest of the rooms, I think paint is the best way to update a space.

Please give us some more details on your Instagram account. How did you develop it, and what sets it apart from the rest?

I made my Instagram, @anappetitefordesign, a creative outlet and space to share my projects. What sets it apart is my design style which has evolved quite a bit in the past few years. I think my style is unique, so readers can find something to inspire them.

What is next?

There are many rooms in my home that need to be updated, so I’ll probably take up one of those rooms for the Spring One Room Challenge. For now, I am overseeing work at our flip property and a new build that we’re in the process of developing plans for.

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